Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Judging cover

In her article “Judging by the Cover” writer Bonny Gainley gives a great example of the public’s right to posses their own appearance however do not expect all employers to hire you unless you meet the standards they have in place... Gainley Explains that when you go out into the work field do not look to prospective employers to change there standards to suite ones needs rather investigate which employer has standards that match your needs. Do they allow body piercing, tattoos, or do they have restrictions on hair styles? Some people expect the employer to change for them not so, the employer is looking for someone who will fit there need. Appearance is not everything but it will sometimes push a potential customer out the door rather than bring them in. Employers need to be careful to not discriminate however applicants need to be sensitive to the employer’s specific guidelines for its employees. Over time the standards will probably change and what is not ok today will be ok in years to come. Changing the accepted trend in the workplace will be something that changes with time.

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